Loup Logistics Celebrates Employees with Second Annual Gratitude Week

Released November 23, 2022

Happy Gratitude Week from Loup! Last week Loup hosted its second annual Gratitude Week to acknowledge and appreciate Loup employees. Loup’s own Culture and Engagement Team and Multicultural Council joined forces to make each day of the week interactive for all. “It was important we found a way to encourage everyone to share their gratitude and find ways to connect with each other.” – said Jordan Graff, co-chair of the Loup Culture and Engagement Team.is dynamic and exciting while collaborating on an agile and adaptive team.

Monday started off the week with Gratitude Grams. Loup team members recognized each other for all the hard work they do throughout the year.

On Tuesday, the week continued with a Snack n Sip in the Loup Lounge. The Loup team enjoyed donuts and coffee while connecting with each other. This gave the team time to reset during the busy workday and provided an opportunity for team members to get to know more about each and the Multicultural Council. “We want to keep showing appreciation for workers and build a sense of belonging for employees at Loup,” stated Shaun-Michael Francisco, chair of the Loup Multicultural Council.

Wednesday the Loup team celebrated Loups-Giving with a department wide potluck! During lunch, team members gathered to enjoy all the delicious food everyone made.

To close out Gratitude Week on Thursday the Culture and Engagement team passed out the Gratitude Grams that were written earlier in the week. The Loup team enjoyed a bag of Just Pop’d popcorn while they read their Grams that were later displayed on a Gratitude Wall.

The goal for this week was to build morale and show appreciation for the incredible Loup team. The Culture and Engagement Team as well as the Multicultural Council hope to host Gratitude Week each year and continue to build a sense of belonging within the Loup team.