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Loup Supply Chain Services seeks to partner with customers needing expert advice or support when it comes to managing all portions of their supply chain.

We understand the nuance of each customers' supply chain. We want to match you unique business needs with knowledge and connections with consulting specialist teams to deliver value-added solutions or strategies to your logistics team that help you succeed.

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To Learn how partnering with a consulting team can benefit your business, find where our experts can support you and your team through an array of use cases.

Our team will work to outline a project timeline that is best suited to your needs and scope of services. To ensure the quality of our results or findings it is recommended that you do at least a 3 month project with our team. On average our projects can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Our consulting team can work with your logistics team to help create a standard operating procedure for your first shipment by rail whether you are a shipper, receiver, or payor of freight. We’ll cover key areas your team needs to be aware of that will minimize surprises and any unforeseen exceptions to your total cost.

Partnering with a consulting team is a excellent way to help manage your team’s workload. Through short term projects with our team of experts, we aim to deliver solutions with long term impacts for your team. We want to help you accelerate your growth.

As supply chain experts, Loup consultants can work with your team to evaluate all portion of the supply chain to determine rail access connections, potential site selection, development, or rationalizing your existing truck network. Our work supports optimizing your total landed cost for all of your transportation portfolio.

We’ve got you covered. Loup Consulting Services also utilizes Loup tools that are backed by up to date technology so that customers don’t have worry about having to hire more resources or create a home grown system all on their own. We help make technology investments and integrations, inexpensive and timely with our solutions.

Logistics management is one of our core specialties with Loup Consulting Services. We will utilizing our existing TMS tool, ShipmentVision to help track day to day operations and report on trends on how your inventory moves. We’ll utilize that data to drive insights on how take action on managing inventory that will assist in potentially lowering cost and manager your daily pipeline of inventory.

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