Women’s History Month

Released March 29, 2022

General Director of M&S Carload Kiley
Freeman’s daughter.

March is Women’s History Month, and it is a time to reflect, recognize and appreciate the contributions of women, no matter how large or small. This month’s purpose is to shed light on women’s accomplishments, and it can be used as a tool to empower others to do great things. Pictured to the left is General Director of M&S Carload Kiley Freeman’s daughter dressed up in a Loup hard hat and safety vest. Freeman says,

“I love that she tells people she’s going to be a builder when she grows up. It makes me feel pretty connected to the mission to Building America, because it reminds me that we are building so much more than physical infrastructure…we are building our future talent and culture.”

In an industry that is male dominated, it is important to have women representation. The visibility of women in transportation is crucial for encouraging diversity and making others feel empowered in the workplace. To honor Women’s History Month, Loup is spotlighting some of the many women on our team. We asked six employees what it means to be a woman at Loup and what advice you would give other women starting in a role at Loup.

How do you feel empowered as a woman at Loup? And what would you tell other women who are starting at Loup?

"One of my favorite quotes is from Melinda Gates,“When women and girls are empowered to participate fully in society everyone benefits.”
Our culture is focused on belonging and I appreciate Loup for encouraging Diversity & Inclusion throughout our organization. Every day I come to work, this company truly shows me how appreciated I am and that my thoughts and opinions are valued. I would encourage women who are starting to work at Loup to work hard, learn the business, ask questions, and find meaningful ways to contribute. As a woman in a male dominant organization, it is important to lead and excel in your daily duties and responsibilities."
-Brittany Miller, Manager II M&S

"I feel empowered because I know the sky is the limit within my career. I am lucky to have been able to report up through trailblazers in the industry and continue to work with people every day that want me to have my own voice. Loup has a culture that puts people first, and I love working for a company that values that. I would say absorb everything, don’t be afraid to take risks, and build your network from day one."
-Liz Leddy, Manger I Business Development

"Loup's culture enables and empowers women… Loup is fast-paced, creative, and values resourcefulness. Many professional women in my network are used to wearing many hats and quickly pivoting. In Loup, that flexibility and nimbleness are put to good use to help us quickly solve problems and create solutions. Our Carload team has a host of powerful and brilliant women. I'm shaped by their strengths, perseverance, and resolve. They inspire me, empower me, challenge me, and help create a space for me to bring my whole self to work. As a mom of two small kids, who frequently travels, you must have a strong support system at home and at work. We have allies at Loup who helps thrive in various aspects of our life and they are comfortable with a work life integration model. In my experience, they don't just talk the talk or share picture of women in non-traditional roles. They back it up with action and support. I can't emphasize how empowering it is to know that your organization wants you to be the best manager, coach, teammate, mom,sister, and caregiver you can be and provides the support and flexibility for you to charge down that path. I'd tell women starting at Loup to use their voice and bring their superpowers to the job. We hired you for a reason and we want you to flourish and grow. Be bold, be present, and don't dim your light. As women, sometimes we are coached to make ourselves smaller and be agreeable. At Loup, we value change agents and people who challenge the status quo... I can't wait to see how our incoming women help us keep evolving our services and solutions."
-Kiley Freeman, General Director M&S Carload

"I’ve been given the opportunity to work with a great team of people and to generate revenue for our company. As a woman, I’m grateful for this opportunity to work at Loup, helping to extend UP’s services and to assist customers with their supply chain needs. The sky is the limit! We work for a great company, and we have so many opportunities within this organization to make an impact. Diversify your experiences and embrace new challenges that will help you grow professionally. Most importantly, enjoy the journey and all the relationships you build along the way."
-Kelly Overfelt, Director Marketing Carload

"I feel empowered to help other women at Loup to work toward achieving their career goals, and I work to lead by example. In my jobs I have always felt empowered to take calculated risks and to make decisions at work. I would tell other women at Loup to speak up and be heard as they are passionate for changes. I would also encourage women to drive to advance as there are so many long-term career opportunities within Loup/UP. My dream is for a woman that works with me to rise to be an Executive within UP."
-Susan Sweeney, Director Intermodal Operations

"I have had the privilege of working for and alongside women leader’s multiple times during my career at Loup. Having them as examples of strong, formidable, and empathetic leaders makes me feel empowered to strive for the same qualities and confidently share my voice when presented with the opportunity Learn your craft and don’t be afraid to reach out to teammates, co-workers, and leaders whose talents you admire and want to learn from. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make yourself heard. As much as Loup has amazing female leaders, we have strong leaders of all genders who are open and equally supportive."
-Jacklyn Straub, Manager II Strategic Project Delivery

If you would like to learn more about working at Loup and our initiative to improve representation in the transportation industry for women, Contact Us.