The Launch of Alinèa, Loup’s NEW Transportation Management System

Released March 31, 2023
Written by Glenn Bruneau, Director Technology

My name is Glenn Bruneau, and I am a Loup Solutionist. I am the Technology Director for Loup Logistics. Together with a team of skilled technologists, we work towards supporting Loup's mission of creating and maintaining innovative tech solutions. Through our collaboration with the Loup Core Team, we have successfully developed a cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) that provides a seamless and user-friendly technology toolset to our customers and vendors.

When I joined Loup this past summer, I was introduced to the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) platform that we had built for our TMS. I quickly learned that OTM's advanced functionality for planning, execution, and optimization of our services gives us a significant competitive edge. In addition, OTM has provided us with scalability, improved integrations, and enhanced visibility.

Over the past year, we collaborated extensively with our subject matter experts on the Core Team to introduce our latest TMS platform, Alinèa, which had been under development for multiple years. The Core Team acted as our customers and vendors, giving guidance to ensure that the platform meets their needs.

Looking forward, we aim to continue the rollout of our Wholesale customers, Carrier Services, Autos, and begin the development for Carload. Our technology roadmap continues to focus on providing advanced solutions for both internal and external customers and users. We collaborate with business partners and vendors to enhance service levels for our customers continually.

I am proud to be part of a talented and collaborative team that is constantly pushing the boundaries of solutioning. Together, we are eager to continue driving Loup's technology transformation in 2023 and beyond. We look forward to Loup's future as a world-class multi-modal service and experience for our customers.

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