Adding Value to Grow Together

Released Febuary 22, 2023
Written by Brandon Lamke, manager Intermodal Wholesale

My name is Brandon Lamke, and I am a Loup Solutionist. I joined Loup Logistics (formerly Streamline) in March of 2011. I am a member of the Wholesale Intermodal sales team, where we offer 3rd party logistic companies (3PLs) a door-to-door intermodal solution. Our main goal here is to help our customers convert over-the-road freight to rail. Between our large fleet of drayage and containers, extensive network across North America, and our flexible pricing options, we can support our customers in many ways.

I take pride in providing solutions for my customers and seeing them succeed and grow their overall book of business. That is a big focus on my day-to-day workload; I find out what they are currently working on and how I can help. A lot of the customers that we work with are smaller entities and sometimes do not have the workforce to handle the complexity of all that goes into intermodal shipping. For example, to line up an intermodal load, they must find a driver (origin side and destination side) and a container, secure a gate reservation, waybill the container, and then collect all the documentation. Some small businesses simply do that have the capacity to manage the logistics and grow volume through the year. That is where I come in! My value is in simplifying the process. A customer only needs a pickup date, time, and locations.

I onboarded a customer that needed to move a couple hundred loads annually. I noticed a growth opportunity within their book of business; there was more volume to be had with their shipper. However, there were workload capacity concerns given operations being conducted by only a handful of employees. I explained Loup will take the logistics workload, enabling them to focus on growing more business. I describe how setting up an intermodal shipment would only consist of them providing the pickup and delivery information. The discussion then progressed to the amount of time their team would spend on tracking and tracing. I made sure he understood that our 24/7 dedicated ops team was there to help and on top of that, our online shipment management tools would enable them to see exactly where their loads were at any time. After that first year, we continued to grow their volume, while their headcount did not change, and we have now grown them to be one of our largest customers moving approximately 10,000 loads!

Loup Logistics intermodal service is something that I truly enjoy offering our customers as I believe that it is a great product. It is nice to know that we can help some of these smaller 3PLs compete with the larger customers they tend to be up against. I look forward to continuing to support our customers and finding solutions to ultimately let them grow their business.

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