How Loup Logistics Technology Strategy is Building America

Released December 21, 2022
Written by Jacklyn Straub, senior manager Loup Technology

My name is Jacklyn Straub and I am a Loup Solutionist. I lead tech strategy at Loup Logistics and alongside my team, work directly with Union Pacific’s Technology department to create innovative tech solutions for Loup. As a growth engine for Union Pacific, we serve as subject matter experts, business team partners and strategic solutionists to elevate the many products Loup has to offer. We focus on internal and external experiences with a mission to create efficiencies and serve the ease of doing business with both truck and rail. We also provide hyper-care to our internal users, guiding them and our customers through our tech evolution journey.

Jacklyn Straub presenting on tech innovations at our Loup Mexico Carrier Conference earlier this year

Our most significant work this year included the launch of our new TMS, Alinea, and the launch of our digital carrier experience. As subject matter experts in the logistics space, my team often puts themselves in the shoes of our customers and vendors. As a customer, what is most important when doing business with Loup? As a vendor, what supports the ease of partnering with Loup? We pride our technology innovations and solutions in providing timely, accurate data, ease of use and intuitive navigation. Our Loup Order Management Platform guides customers through a click and submit process for their dedicated business needs while QuoteLine provides customers with a modern shopping experience for those spot opportunities. On the vendor front, our digital carrier experience has intuitive functionality that aids in guided updates and a user-friendly interface for day-to-day operational needs.

Our technology roadmap for the future of Loup includes advanced solutions for both internal and external customers and users. As one of the most complex users of Oracle’s Transportation Management System, we will continue to collaborate with Oracle to enhance the product and maintain higher levels of agility to serve our customers. Alongside our exceptionally talented technology team, we plan to expand our ability to provide increased visibility, reporting and access to our technology features. Partnered with UPRR Technology, Loup seeks the best multi-experience solutions to conduct our business and will continue this mission through 2023.

Jacklyn Straub and members of the Loup and UP Tech Team

Customers and vendors are our greatest stakeholders and Loup will continue to strive to enhance our technology and make doing business with Loup seamless and easy. We are consistently benchmarking, researching, and collaborating to bring the best technology solutions to our customers and vendors. With utilization of API, AI, Chatbots and actionable analytics, Loup will be providing sustainable and competitive solutions for years to come.

I am incredibly proud to be part of such a talented and collaborative team that is consistently raising the bar for solutioning. Collectively we are eager to continue driving Loups technology transformation in 2023 and beyond. We are so grateful for the wonderful business teams at Loup and UPRR Tech for their openness as we all take this journey together and are excited for Loup's future as a world-class multi-modal service and experience for our customers.

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