Transloading allows you to leverage the benefits of rail and expand your market reach.

Transloading allows you to leverage the benefits of rail and expand your market reach.

3 Ways Transloading Benefits Your Shipping Strategy

Released October 8, 2021


Wondering if incorporating rail into your shipping mix is a good idea? Here are three ways transloading – or moving shipments between trucks and trains – can help optimize your supply chain.

  1. Leverage the Economies of Rail

    Transloading gives you the best of both worlds, combining economical rail transport with the flexibility of over-the-road trucking. As shipments move seamlessly between modes, you get the economies of rail without the investment in track, allowing you to ship affordably throughout North America and expand your market reach.

  2. Expand Your Market Reach

    Loup’s transload network consists of more than 600 transload facilities spanning the United States and more than 700 when you add in locations throughout Canada and Mexico.

    But did you know we invest directly in that network? Loup has 12 “railports” strategically located across the U.S. to help you reach and expand into key growth markets. These facilities are directly served by our parent company, Union Pacific, and we invest in the equipment and rail infrastructure at each location. The railports can handle a wide variety of commodities and are managed by skilled operators with extensive transloading experience.

  3. Improve Efficiencies and Benefit Your Bottom Line

    Did you know a single rail car can carry the contents of three to four truckloads? Plus, trains are four times more fuel efficient than trucks. These efficiencies are passed to your transportation costs, allowing you to ship heavier loads farther, all while spending less. In addition, Loup Simplify billing with a single invoice for multiple modes of transportation.

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