Using a “candy cane

Using a “candy cane" device, Truck-Rail Handling transloads recycled oil from a truck to a tank car.

Greasing the Wheels for a Successful Bid

Released June 14, 2017


If there were an award for persistence, Fremont, California-based transloader Truck-Rail Handling would win it. For the last year, the company has bid on UPDS transloading jobs, but we simply haven’t been able to find the right fit. Recently, the right opportunity arose — and their persistence paid off.

The Right Opportunity

Even though we hadn’t technically been working together, the UPDS team and Truck-Rail Handling were still building a relationship. So when a UPDS customer needed a solution for transloading recycled oil and grease near San Francisco — and fast — we knew just who to call. And when we did, Truck-Rail Handling jumped into action.

In just a week, the company developed a transload solution using a “candy cane" device to transfer the product from trucks to tank cars. This allowed our customer to save money by converting over-the-road shipments to rail.

A Winning Proposition

We’re grateful for this company’s persistence because in the end, it’s resulted in wins all around. We’ve added a reliable supplier to our network, our customer now has a more economical shipping solution, and Truck-Rail Handling is receiving prompt payment for their services — with more opportunities on the horizon, we hope. We guess you’d call that a win-win-win!

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