Indoor heat- and humidity-controlled storage at one of six ADS facilities.

Indoor heat- and humidity-controlled storage at one of six ADS facilities.

Supplier Spotlight: ADS Logistics Co, LLC

Released May 17, 2017


When it comes to transloading, ADS Logistics Co, LLC is a jack of all trades: They transload sheet metal in coil form, metal sheets/blanks and bars, ingots, paper rolls, lumber, drywall, pipe, conduit, machinery, plate, slabs, billets, I-Beams, composite railroad ties, and numerous other non-hazardous cargo from boxcars, coil cars, gondolas, flat and center beam cars. For the last four years, they’ve been helping UPDS customers get access to rail through safe and efficient transloading services.

Transloading, Storage and Flatbed Trucking

As a subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation, ADS operates six facilities, three of which are rail served, and is comprised of two divisions: Roll & Hold Warehousing, which provides transloading and storage, and Area Transportation, an asset-based flatbed trucking company operating in 48 states. “The transportation capabilities of Area combined with the transload capabilities of Roll & Hold provide a seamless supply chain solution," said Mike Brinkley, Vice President of Operations at ADS.

Roll & Hold uses forklifts, trackmobile rail car movers, overhead cranes and Gantry cranes to transfer products from rail cars to trucks. The division also offers both outdoor and indoor heat- and humidity-controlled storage so products can be staged for Just-In-Time delivery.

Like UPDS, ADS is focused on solutions. For instance, when an unscheduled track outage threatened to shut down service to a customer’s facility, ADS sprang into action. “We had less than a week to bring in two truck cranes and set up an outdoor transload of OCTG pipe handling 15 to 20 open gondolas per day," Brinkley said. “The project lasted three months and, due to the quick response of ADS, our customer’s supply chain was uninterrupted."

Safety, Service and Professionalism

Another common value between ADS and UPDS is a focus on safety. ADS has a comprehensive quality and safety training program encompassing all aspects of their operations. All equipment operators are thoroughly evaluated and certified, and safety is always first. Brinkley said the company’s motto of “Safety, Service and Professionalism" is the driving force behind the excellent service the company provides its customers. “Our management team and staff is highly experienced, with many having over 15 years of service with ADS," Brinkley said. “We offer solutions customized to our clients’ unique needs."

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The services ADS provides offer great value to UPDS, in that they help our customers utilize rail, which could otherwise have been out of reach. But Brinkley said UPDS also offers value right back to ADS. “UPDS acts as an extension of our marketing efforts," he said. “The operations team at UPDS are experts in the industries they support, and they provide us with opportunities that are excellent fits with our capabilities."

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