Your tool for total rail visibility.

Do you spend too much time tracking down supply chain data? You may ship with multiple carriers but you have one supply chain — so you should have one data source, too.

ShipmentVision, Loup’s advanced technology platform, puts all of your shipment data in one easy-to-access place — and it’s scrubbed for accuracy, too. If you’re sick of chasing information carrier by carrier or suffer from spreadsheet overload, ShipmentVision can cure what ails you.

ShipmentVision provides:
  • Visibility: Track and trace shipments 24/7 across all rail carriers so you always know where your shipments are.
  • Personalized Views: Customize dashboards and daily reports to get the information most important to you.
  • Easy Access: Get access to your data when and where you want it. Schedule reports, set alerts, or dig in 24/7 to see your supply chain in real time.
  • Planning Tools: Plan better with dynamic ETAs, transit time calculator and historical data.

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Want Accurate Reporting All in One Place? ShipmentVision Has the Answer.

ShipmentVision is different than other shipment tracking systems. Where others provide large quantities of data, ShipmentVision data is validated, so insights about your shipments are based on accurate, quality information. We’ll collect data across carriers, validate it, then package it for your viewing convenience.

With ShipmentVision, you get real-time information about shipping events, as well as three years of historical data. And with reporting tools, you’ll be able to learn more about both individual shipments and trends across multiple lanes and your overall portfolio.

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We Make Sense of the Data

ShipmentVision is a valuable tool, but the way we use it offers even more value:

  • Events come in from a variety of sources
  • We validate the data
  • We use that data to:
    • Identify supply chain glitches and escalate issues
    • Predict problems and solve them before they happen
    • Store data for future use

As a result, you get total visibility — and valuable knowledge to improve the way you ship. After all, what good is all of that data if it doesn’t prevent problems before they happen and improve future performance?

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