Delivery Despite the Weather: Restocking Lumber Shelves in Texas

Released March 22, 2017

Case Study

2017 has been a tumultuous weather year — and that weather has taken a toll on supply chains. But at UPDS, we love nothing more than stepping in and saving the day. We’re all about finding a solution when it seems like you’re out of options.

Shipper Challenges

That’s the situation one of our retail customers faced. Thanks to severe winter weather in the Pacific Northwest, their lumber shipments were encountering major delays. Meanwhile, their shelves were growing bare.

The UPDS Solution

On a Friday night, we got a call saying this customer was in dire need of product. Could UPDS find a way to get lumber from the PNW to Texas — and fast? The answer was yes. UPDS was able to reroute the lumber to our Galena Park Railport where it was transloaded and trucked to its final destination in Texas. By Monday morning, this solution was in place.

Our Results

Just as planned, our customer received their lumber shipment — and sooner than they would have had they waited for regular service to be restored. The product arrived, shelves were stocked, and once again, they had product to sell.

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