Loup Logo

What is Loup?

Loup provides door-to-door shipping and logistics services for companies shipping almost any commodity. We combine shipping modes to create the most effective, efficient and economical transportation solutions on the market. And we keep supply chains running smoothly through validated data, 24/7 shipment tracking and unmatched logistics expertise.

What was the inspiration for the name “Loup”?

The origin of the name Loup (pronounced “loop”) is rooted in the company’s ability to provide best-in-class transportation and logistics along every point of the logistics “loop,” while also keeping customers in the “loop” through shipment tracking, technology and proactive communication.

What does the logo represent?

The Loup logo features a graphic comprised of four “chevron” elements, which use gradient color to depict movement and acknowledges the company’s ability to keep supply chains running smoothly. As a single graphic, these elements come together to portray how rail, road, transloading and logistics unite to form a complete transportation solution.

The logo design also pays homage to Loup’s roots in rail by using negative space to depict a rail crossing and distinguishing the letters “UP” in the company name.